About the Department

About the department

The Department of Information and Communication Engineering (ICE) was founded in 2011. The goal of ICE Department is to cultivate highly-motivated and well-trained professionals who will lead the ICT arena. The Department of Information and Communication Engineering offers various specialized educational programs to create many competent engineers with profound knowledge of academic theories and practical approaches for the development of our country and all human society, in general.

The department offers both basic and advanced courses. In the Department of Information and Communications Engineering, students study basic and applied technologies related to IT as well as information processing, information systems, robotics and the diverse technologies upon which our IT society is based on. To become engineers with knowledge related to the construction and management of communication networks which serve as transmission media, software driven management, and the control of systems. They support these networks, and knowledge related to hardware design and manufacture.

The department has a number of well-constructed laboratories, namely Software Laboratory, Electrical & Electronics laboratory, Communication laboratory. Well-equipped computers are provided for the students, faculty members as well as the researchers. The department has a seminar library. Students are encouraged for academic excellence by awarding various prizes, medals and certificates in per year performances. The department also arranges co-curriculum activities among the students such as programming contests, software exhibitions, cultural events, games competitions, debates etc. in every year.

For more information:

Website: www.ice.pust.ac.bd

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ice.pust.ac.bd


Email: chairman@ice.pust.ac.bd

Phone: +88 0731 64986, PABX: 2260, 2261