ICE Fiesta – 2014

ICE Fiesta 2014

ICE Fiesta - 2014

ICE Fiesta 2014In spirit of exploration department of Information and Communication Engineering (ICE) has organized ICE FIESTA, a three-day long indoor & outdoor gaming festival on 11 June, 2014. The program is patronized by our honorable vice-chancellor Prof. Dr. Al-Nakib Chowdhury. ICE FIESTA is inaugurated & chaired by our honorable chairman of ICE department, Mr. Md. Anwar Hossain along with the other respected teachers.

 ICE department wall and floor was beautifully decorated with colored posters, lace paper and the balloon. The main charming look of the festival was a spectacular banner featuring ‘ICE Fiesta’ highlights on the wall.

The event venue was partitioned into two sections: outdoor event, indoor event. Outdoor event came with an intra-department cricket tournament. The indoor section involves Karam, Chess, Card, Ludu. As expected the each tournament was very competitive and hard to win.

Both the students and teachers were in spontaneous appearance of the churches during each task with full of all responsibility and sincerity. In a new dimension to the relationship between teachers and students were in attendance. ICE FIESTA came out with some new unpublished talent students through the day long programs.

The prize giving ceremony among the winners was held on the end of third day. Everyone appreciated for the all arrangement and conductivity. ICE FIESTA encourages the students to be more devoted for the department and produces a congenial atmosphere between both the teachers and students. Finally the teachers presents the closing ceremony by the statements of our honorable chief guest.